A White Love



An unclear window by the corner of the room,

A huge locked door to let loose,

Struggling through gloomy passageways,

Trying to discover freedom and happiness,

An image that has vanished in the mind.


Holding back tears without sadness,

Pains that have become unhurt,

A weightless heart to overcome,

A spirit that can’t feel tiredness,

Never a place that could stay suffered.


Facing the dementors day and night,

Black wealth flowing in and out,

Fighting for the true coloured affection,

Nations have faith and hope always,

A disappointment that should not be cried over.


Winning is never important,

Not far, not near, not high, not low,

Just a standing box that wish to be seen,

An express train for a ride to any place,

Smile…yes, please smile.


The pain that JYJ has endured,

Is a white love for fans,

Hold hands together to form unity,

Provide the warmth and hugs endlessly,

Because ‘JYJ creates miracles!’



written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved


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