My Prince

Love hearts colouring the red sky,

Yellow tulips blooming in parks,

Butterflies roaming around,

W stars sparkling afar,

Sun shining behind the clouds.

Three unique individuals emerged,

Smiling widely before dawn and dusk,

Together with an inner music beauty,

Feeling a strong passion and enthusiasm,

An exact discovery of a white mystery.

My Prince lighten up my days,

Despite the rain with stormy wind,

Walking through dark channels and tunnels,

I’ll borrow you my shoulders to climb atop,

I’ll let you ride my back to soar high.

My Prince is my foundation of life,

Composing the music of summer and winter,

Singing them gently in my ears,

To love you eternally is never a sin,

Cause you are my pride, my honor.

My love for my Prince will not depart,

Remains one and forever enduringly,

Cause you’ve given me inspirations,

Cause you’ve mould me into who I am,

For who you are, JYJ, I love you.




written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved


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