Tears Flowing

Green leaves swaying in the sea,

Three shining diamonds were found,

Vivid colors sparkling in my eyes,

Memories flashes back in my mind.

I understand you needed freedom and happiness,

I wish to grant them for you since ages ago,

Miracles will definitely arrive one day,

Fingers crossed, they’ll reach the destination.

The way to part is painful and sorrowful,

My arms always embracing you widely,

It’s impossible for me to forget those days,

I somehow cry like a baby over months.

I believe and trusted in your decision,

I love you for the nature of yourselves,

We’ll create fresh and lovely memories,

I mean it, I am keen to make it happen.

There are jellyfishes in the wide ocean,

They’ll sting anyone, they’ll hurt everyone,

They are pretty but not pleasant,

Instead, we stay aside not to be trapped.

It’s meaningless if we stop everything,

We took a long time to climb this wall,

Rather be positive to soar higher,

Cause everything is precious in this world.

The pain you have endured until this moment,

Is more hurtful and throbbing in my heart,

I don’t complain because I love you,

I’m determined to carry them for you.

A world without you means dinner without Kimchi,

You are my sunshine and I am your star,

Let’s hold hands once again and believe in me,

We shall rewrite the history one more time.




by @yoochunsalove
all rights reserved


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