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March 17, 2011

Letters From The Heart #1

Dear JYJ Family,

Hi! I am an insane fan of Park Yoochun / Lee Seon Joon (a character played by Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal – 2010 Korean drama) and also a JYJ music lover.

When my junior introduced me into Korean pop (Kpop) years ago, I first knew Super Junior (SJ) as she is an ELF (official fanclub of SJ). SJ, in my eyes are brilliant at dancing for having 13 members – very synchronized. They are excellent at variety shows because they always crack fans up until fans drop but somehow I love KRY lots (SJ sub-group) for their strong singing ability. I am a big fan of Yesung, who has a brilliant voice. His specialty is belting, which is his natural super high notes vocal. One should listen to his hit solo – It Has To Be You (Cinderella Sister OST, starring Moon Geun Young).

As lots of fans know, SJ is close with Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK). They trained together during the younger days and had good friendship. Hence, this paved my way to DBSK Korean songs of which I did not like as they were too hot for me to handle. Then, I started digging for Tohoshinki (THSK) songs and fall in love with them instantly – no doubt, THSK is one of the best group in Japanese pop music world (Jpop), competing against top Japanese groups such as Arashi, Exile, KAT-TUN, NEWS, SMAP, etc. This has turned me into a THSK fan!

THSK is special in the sense that these boys debuted in Jpop as Japanese artists, not as Hallyu (Korean) stars (confessed by THSK in 2008 SBS Star Show). They did not translate their songs from Korean to Japanese, but came up with brand new Japanese songs. Japanese songs are different in tune with Korean songs. Japanese songs are very melodious while Korean songs have very hot dance style beat.

What captures me to respect THSK in comparison to other Hallyu stars in Japan is THSK started from the very scratch.The five boys started to learn the language, culture and music first before standing on big stages and appearing in music shows on TV. They spoke fluent Japanese language. In Korea, DBSK received a grand award and on the next day in Japan, THSK performed in a small university hall but these boys did not give up. There were times when they went into serious depression such as talking to crows, crying over days, using shoes to get signals for phones, etc. but they have big dreams.

With the support of Japanese fans, THSK succeeded in becoming the first male foreign group to break records by topping Oricon chart. They have also moved thousands of fans’ hearts in Tokyo Dome concerts.

After the lawsuit started in 2009, THSK went on hiatus which was sad news for many fans. I, however continue to support Park Yoochun as my Angel. He, together with Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu, formed JYJ.

Let me tell you why I love JYJ endlessly. JYJ is no ordinary idol group, they are purely musicians! Unlike many Kpop idols who do not always compose music (unlike Jay Chou or Wang Lee Hom – famous Taiwanese composers and musicians), they have average voices only but are very handsome / beautiful which attract many attentions, JYJ is not like that! JYJ consists of three young loving, friendly, caring and sincere boys who wish to express themselves with their powerful vocal and have a strong passion for composing music.

One fine day, I started listening to Love Bye Love and Kiss the Baby Sky which rings in my ears until today. At that time, I did not go crazy over Yoochun until I found out the composer of those two songs because I love them and they have brought me inspiration during my final year university exams. It was Park Yoochun – I thought that this boy must have studied music as they were brilliant piece of works. However, to my surprise, this boy started composing since his childhood days! He self-learnt piano when he was in school but took him a long time to do it. He plays the piano very well and writes great compositions but he cannot read notes (admitted by Yoochun and Jaejoong personally in 2011 SBS Good Morning Show)! He even taught Jaejoong how to play the piano – amazing, is he not a music genius?

Many friends laughed at me when I told them that I admire this boy for his special skill but they told me that many Korean stars are famous for their flowery looks, thanks to plastic surgery! Nobody believes in me. However, I did not listen to my friends and continue to shower love to Yoochun as I have put my trust in his skills for music composition.

I started learning the piano when I was young and have achieved very high distinctions for my exams but failed at music composition as music composition is not an easy task if one wants to get a perfect piece of work. I have the courage to critique because music is as important as my life! I wish to listen to real music, not those crap computer-made-autotunes with hopeless sounds!

Many Kpop idols are not born purely for music, even though they were trained for years but they do not understand what music is yet they dare to stand on stage to claim awards! Where have the music sense gone to? Have they flown into the rubbish bin? I must admit that most of them dance very well and have perfect body shapes like god n goddess but music is music, dancing is dancing. Yes, both come in pair but one has to show the vocal first if considering a singing career, if not, turn the table round and debut as a dancer instead! Many fans mentioned before that Jaejoong and Yoochun do not dance well but Jaejoong’s angelic vocal will compliment and Yoochun’s great ability in composing will cover over it. Most important, they produce great music – that is my conclusion!

To me, the famous Jay Chou’s music (4 times World Music Award holder) is unbeatable, so as Yoochun’s. If one listens carefully, Jaejoong is better at music arrangement and best as his husky wide-range vocal. At times, I consider his music as weird although he always tries his best. Yoochun is sometimes lazy at arranging and his vocal is not as powerful as Junsu but he is perfect at composing. I did discover something special about Yoochun’s vocal – he does belting which is extraordinary (proven in Love in the Ice n W at Tokyo Dome). I do not discuss much about Junsu because Junsu dances very well, and yes, perfect swaying hips and has great emotions in his singing. He has the longest training days in comparison to Jaejoong and Yoochun and is regarded as one of Kpop top idol singer. Listen to Junsu singing impromptu Chajatta (2010 KBS Live News Time) and one will realize that without any background music, his pitch is more than perfect!

At this moment, what I admire in JYJ is JYJ’s mental strength – super strong! Jaejoong and Yoochun’s background history during their youth days were pretty rough, that is why I support these boys without hesitation.

JYJ has big dreams – become true musicians who can compose, produce, sing and dance.

I told many people, call me a fan or anti-fan, I do not mind but most important is Jaejoong and Junsu do not quit singing and Yoochun does not stop composing. That is my very dearest wish!

Hence, my last words are let’s believe in JYJ and support them endlessly. Give these boys your wings to soar higher, to climb up the mountains, to swim through the rough waves and to walk past the jungles.

I suggest to new fans to start listening to a duet self-written piece, Colors ~ Melody and Harmony by Yoochun and Jaejoong and self-composed Fallen Leaves by Junsu. These pieces were praised highly by music professors from Germany, England and France.

Colors ~ Melody and Harmony
Fallen Leaves

Always remember – “JYJ creates miracles!”

Love, @yoochunsalove

March 17, 2011

Kim Jaejoong

A hero is fallen from heaven,

A mind which never gives up,

A body to a never ending love,

A face overloaded with beauty,

A soul which stands strong,

Deep from the heart and spirit.


A smile I shall never forget,

Because of your warm presence,

Because of your angelic voice,

Because of your beautiful eyes,

I can’t resist myself,

To fall for your existence.


You fight to achieve your dreams,

I can’t be there for you,

But I shall provide you my wings,

To hug you when you’re down,

To fly to the mountain top,

To love you eternally,

You are always my Hero.




written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved

March 13, 2011

My Prince

Love hearts colouring the red sky,

Yellow tulips blooming in parks,

Butterflies roaming around,

W stars sparkling afar,

Sun shining behind the clouds.

Three unique individuals emerged,

Smiling widely before dawn and dusk,

Together with an inner music beauty,

Feeling a strong passion and enthusiasm,

An exact discovery of a white mystery.

My Prince lighten up my days,

Despite the rain with stormy wind,

Walking through dark channels and tunnels,

I’ll borrow you my shoulders to climb atop,

I’ll let you ride my back to soar high.

My Prince is my foundation of life,

Composing the music of summer and winter,

Singing them gently in my ears,

To love you eternally is never a sin,

Cause you are my pride, my honor.

My love for my Prince will not depart,

Remains one and forever enduringly,

Cause you’ve given me inspirations,

Cause you’ve mould me into who I am,

For who you are, JYJ, I love you.




written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved