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March 18, 2011

Letters From the Heart #2

Dear JYJ Family,

Hi! This is my letter about one of Park Yoochun’s most famous self-compositions.  Ever since I was a fan of Yoochun, this song has become my favourites – KISS THE BABY SKY.

Yoochun in Kiss The Baby Sky music video

Kiss the Baby Sky is the second track of Tohoshinki (THSK) 25th Japanese single which was released on 21st January 2009. This song was composed and written by Yoochun. It features the arrangement of Yoochun and Shinjiro Inue with the beautiful string arrangement of Crasher Kimura. It is a mixture of hip-hop and R&B genre, with an upbeat tune featuring wind chimes and drums courtesy of Hiroyuki Enomoto. Kiss the Baby Sky was used as the theme song for Channel A’s Zoom in Weather program in Japan.

When listening to this song, one can feel Yoochun’s English features in his lyrics, better known as Chunglish. The way he blends his Chunglish with Japanese is quite amazing and charming such as ‘Baby Sky, all the dreams and hopes made of your eyes’, ‘Never cry, never ever hide of myself prime’ and ‘Good day, good time tsutsunde ita your heart’. I must also admit to his odd title for the song but one will definitely be embraced by the presence of Yoochun’s cheerful character in this inspiring and hopeful song, which can make you smile for a brighter day especially by turning on your mp3 in the morning before going to school or work.

I love the start of the song where Yoochun speaks his voice out, ‘Yo, I’m talking about Baby. I’m just trying to sing, know what…History, another original, come on!’ as if he is telling you a story of his very own ‘Baby’. Then, it comes to the middle of the song where he makes sure you are still with him by saying another line, ‘How you guys doin’ so far? You guys with me?’ Jaejoong’s angelic voice starts off the song well in order to get the harmonization with the other members. The chorus was beautifully sung with all the members singing falsetto which makes the song quite unusual as it does not always happen in a boy band’s song.

A very meaningful rap in the middle of the song which was by Yoochun, himself will make one cry if you think of the friendship behind this song – ‘TVXQ! My Hero, My Max, My U-know, My Xiah and Micky! We are the one eternally!’ This demonstrates how much Yoochun appreciates and loves all his members despite the happenings. Yoochun has this personality of being rather quiet in public but he is actually very caring and supportive towards his loved ones.

That is why he is always showered with love from fans of all ages.

Another noteworthy part of this song lays in the brotherhood of the Park brothers. Yoohwan, who is Yoochun’s younger brother, is very precious to Yoochun. Yoohwan has always supported Yoochun because he knew that music is everything to his brother. In Kiss the Baby Sky, he penned down the rap lyrics and they were accepted without a single word being changed (confessed by Yoohwan in 2011 TV Daily interview). This has made Yoohwan very motivated to provide his brother a helping hand in the future for more lyrical composition of which I am looking forward to. A perfect collaboration between the two wonderful brothers!

The handsome Park Brothers, Yoochun & Yoohwan

As stated by Yoochun in Oricon Special Interview 2009, “This song was composed by having the picture in my mind that all of us will sing it together on tour. The content of the lyrics is an image of two lovers bidding farewell with a smile. They split up for the future of each other. It is a sad yet positive song. When the tour comes, I want to sing along with the audiences.” His wish was granted during THSK’s 4th Live Tour: The Secret Code. He sang it with all the members, staffs and audiences towards the end of the concert which is an amazing video to watch.

In summary, Kiss the Baby Sky has a very refreshing tune which features lots of higher range notes with impressive instrumental background music. It blends well with the vocals of the members and it is very appealing in its own right. It is simple yet fantastic! Yoochun should give himself another round of applause! A recommended song to bring up cheers!

Always remember – “JYJ creates miracles!”

Love, @yoochunsalove