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March 28, 2011

Letters from the Heart #4

Dear JYJ Family,

I understand that many of us are hurt / angry by those ungrateful words since a few
months ago. This letter is my very personal opinion on my reaction to support my own
chosen role of models. I hope that fans will always continue to support your own idols
faithfully. I will not be using any names from any side because it is an unfair treatment to
one another.

Remember ‘The…’ album which was released last year (September 2010) in Japan, the
songs speaks of the truth from JYJ hearts. Let’s take a look at the lyrics.

Itsudatte Kimi Ni (Always for You) is my favourite when I first listen to this album. The
blend of JYJ voices has given me a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. The lyrics
say that JYJ is always in love with us, believing in us and thanking us for always staying
by their side even at the hardest time. They cannot express their sorrow and how hurt
they are since the lawsuit started, hence they can only pose their feelings out in their
songs. Every day, JYJ is walking with loneliness to everywhere. A high wall has been
installed to stop them from achieving their own dreams. Nonetheless, our love is the
only connection to take down this visible wall. Our love for JYJ is unchangeable – many
of us are their fans since ancient times and we remain with them until today. JYJ trusts
us that we will be their light to pave this road ahead for them in order to succeed as one

Long Way cites that life is a long journey and even if JYJ is lost, they will definitely find
a way to walk out from the jungle. There is a white, clean road in front and we should
be holding hands together with JYJ to walk forward as stated in the song. Even though
it is a long and tiring walk, somehow it is still worth the value. Although many people do
not understand the truth, JYJ will not tell a lie as well as us fans who not to spread any
unreasonable rumours. One day, the rain will wash away all these lies and the sun will
brighten up for us to sing together with JYJ. All we need to do is to look ahead and walk

W is the most heart-breaking song I ever heard from JYJ. W is the symbol of Cassiopeia
(official fanclub of TVXQ), hence it is very important to JYJ. When one looks up to the
sky at night, you will find W stars which link together the original five members of TVXQ.
However, due to differences in dreams, TVXQ has split up. No matter what happens,
we fans need to accept this fact and not be delusional. True enough, JYJ keeps all
the past memories deep in their hearts – it is difficult even for us, fans to forget all the
happiness that we used to share together. But, today we know clearly who JYJ is and
what are their dreams, hence why not use this chance to bring JYJ soaring high again?
It is not a goodbye to any side or we cannot resume as one in the future but it is only a
way to rewrite history once again.

I met you by chance in today’s world,
I won’t forget you because one incident,
Many sorrows were buried deep in me,
But I have turned them into memories,
Thus I’m standing strong at this moment,
To wait for you to be my PRIDE again.

Always remember – “JYJ creates miracles!”

Love, @yoochunsalove

March 17, 2011

Park Yoochun

Bells are ringing outside the church,
Gardens are filled with blooming daffodils,
Birds are chirping from tree tops,
A rainbow flowing down from heaven,
An angel was born with special genes in music,
With the meaning of sky in his name,
A true secret weapon was discovered.

My love for this angel will never die,
Remains forever and everlasting,
You are my dreamy soul,
Brightening my day with your smiles,
No matter it rains or snows,
You are a candle to light my life.

I know you through music,
A dream that you have poured out,
It is stained deeply forever,
In the glass of my heart,
It is fragile and will never be torn,
Like the M stars that twinkle,
High up to be seen by you and me.

written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved