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March 17, 2011

Kim Junsu

A singing soul was brought to this world,
Full of expressive emotions,
Full of cheerfulness and joy,
Full of happiness and hopes,
With a name to spread all through Asia,
The limit is to no-ending world.

A dancing butt was dropped from Broadway,
A musical actor ran from Opera House,
A perfect-pitch singing the highest notes,
A charming puppy eyes guy to kiss,
A cute dolphin boy to share jokes,
A father to all dogs n cats.

You have touched every soul and spirit,
I am more than confident to listen to you,
Through your special veins and husky voice,
You have lifted up the musical world,
Turning you twin brother very proud of you,
Me too, who loves you dearly.

written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved

March 17, 2011

Park Yoochun

Bells are ringing outside the church,
Gardens are filled with blooming daffodils,
Birds are chirping from tree tops,
A rainbow flowing down from heaven,
An angel was born with special genes in music,
With the meaning of sky in his name,
A true secret weapon was discovered.

My love for this angel will never die,
Remains forever and everlasting,
You are my dreamy soul,
Brightening my day with your smiles,
No matter it rains or snows,
You are a candle to light my life.

I know you through music,
A dream that you have poured out,
It is stained deeply forever,
In the glass of my heart,
It is fragile and will never be torn,
Like the M stars that twinkle,
High up to be seen by you and me.

written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved

March 17, 2011

Kim Jaejoong

A hero is fallen from heaven,

A mind which never gives up,

A body to a never ending love,

A face overloaded with beauty,

A soul which stands strong,

Deep from the heart and spirit.


A smile I shall never forget,

Because of your warm presence,

Because of your angelic voice,

Because of your beautiful eyes,

I can’t resist myself,

To fall for your existence.


You fight to achieve your dreams,

I can’t be there for you,

But I shall provide you my wings,

To hug you when you’re down,

To fly to the mountain top,

To love you eternally,

You are always my Hero.




written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved

March 13, 2011

My Prince

Love hearts colouring the red sky,

Yellow tulips blooming in parks,

Butterflies roaming around,

W stars sparkling afar,

Sun shining behind the clouds.

Three unique individuals emerged,

Smiling widely before dawn and dusk,

Together with an inner music beauty,

Feeling a strong passion and enthusiasm,

An exact discovery of a white mystery.

My Prince lighten up my days,

Despite the rain with stormy wind,

Walking through dark channels and tunnels,

I’ll borrow you my shoulders to climb atop,

I’ll let you ride my back to soar high.

My Prince is my foundation of life,

Composing the music of summer and winter,

Singing them gently in my ears,

To love you eternally is never a sin,

Cause you are my pride, my honor.

My love for my Prince will not depart,

Remains one and forever enduringly,

Cause you’ve given me inspirations,

Cause you’ve mould me into who I am,

For who you are, JYJ, I love you.




written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved

March 12, 2011

A White Love



An unclear window by the corner of the room,

A huge locked door to let loose,

Struggling through gloomy passageways,

Trying to discover freedom and happiness,

An image that has vanished in the mind.


Holding back tears without sadness,

Pains that have become unhurt,

A weightless heart to overcome,

A spirit that can’t feel tiredness,

Never a place that could stay suffered.


Facing the dementors day and night,

Black wealth flowing in and out,

Fighting for the true coloured affection,

Nations have faith and hope always,

A disappointment that should not be cried over.


Winning is never important,

Not far, not near, not high, not low,

Just a standing box that wish to be seen,

An express train for a ride to any place,

Smile…yes, please smile.


The pain that JYJ has endured,

Is a white love for fans,

Hold hands together to form unity,

Provide the warmth and hugs endlessly,

Because ‘JYJ creates miracles!’



written by Yoochunsalove
all rights reserved