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March 18, 2011

Letters From The Heart #3

Dear JYJ Family,

Hi! Is everyone currently happy celebrating for the melting of Seolinja (snowgirl)? I guess everyone is now excited about Kabanja – Yoochun’s new summer girlfriend who turns out to be a bag, lol!

When one talks about Park Yoochun, what comes to your mind first? According to my dictionary, Yoochun is defined as a guy who has a smooth, sexy and husky voice which could steal every girl’s heart and melt it like a candle. It is equivalent to a first sight love. Yoochun’s sweet natural smile can blow a girl’s mind off to another world easily. Nobody can escape that, even young kids or older aged fans! When he laughs, you will laugh with him. When he cries, you will cry with him.

Yoochun’s physical appearance is a small cute handsome face with bright twilight eyes, wide shining forehead and broad shoulders. His unusual spiritual attraction lies in his beautiful yet speedy-thinking brain. There are no other guys like him in the world – an almost perfect boyfriend or husband! Even his younger brother, Yoohwan admits that his brother is very fatherly at home and is cool on stage. Yoochun treats his mum like a queen and Yoohwan like a king! He bought a big house which he called Goong after working hard over the years in order to bring them back from America. He misses them a lot but things have become better ever since they live with him.

Once again, during the release of TVXQ 4th Korean album Mirotic in 2008, Yoochun has composed and written a song which captured the hearts of many fangirls and created a sensation during TVXQ 3rd Mirotic Asia tours in 2009. It is no other than LOVE BYE LOVE (Sarang Annyeong Sarang). By just listening to the title of the song, one knows it will be a song of love and romance. Yes, it is nonetheless a sad song of love memories but with an optimistic hyped- dance rhythm!

The song commences with the usual Yoochun’s style – a narration of ‘his baby girl’ and continues about his feelings towards her after the breakup. Go Ara, a Korean actress recites about the baby girl being a mere memory and the lyricist has gotten over, hence he apologizes. Junsu then starts singing with a soft tone about him cannot do anything when he hears her voice even after she has cried. The soft guitar at the beginning is a gentle tune that slowly builds up to the climax of the song.

Yoochun once again repeats himself in the song about the music in the crowded streets where he can feel that his heart has stopped beating. Jaejoong wonders if he was a good person towards his love because of the happy days spent together and asked why tears have filled his eyes. The awesome chorus is special with repetitive words ‘Bye bye bye my love, Bye bye bye my love’ that could ring in your ears after listening for a couple of times. The chorus was repeated a number of times which makes it very addictive with a strong beat as background.

During the live performance, Yoochun rearranged it into a ballad version. He began by showing off his wonderful piano skills with a light playing of the introduction and continued throughout the whole song. You can hear every single note clearly. He sang each phrase with full emotions. He has also remade the rap with his famous Chunglish (Yoochun’s style of English). With his seductive voice, you will fall for this gorgeous boy who is full of music talents.

Yoochun’s self-composition sometimes left my mind wonder about who the baby is as he has talked about her in here and also in Kiss the Baby Sky. Does this baby actually appear in Yoochun’s real life or is she an imagined baby only? Both songs have discussed about the separation of his baby with him. However, I do not wish this to happen in reality because Yoochun deserves a genuine loving baby. From my knowledge, his beloved dog, Harang (which its name means love) is his only baby for years. Harang is equivalent to a person that Yoochun loves endlessly!

Always remember – “JYJ creates miracles!”